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We offer fast cash loans on jewelry, coins, electronics, tools, instruments, and designer goods.


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Fairfield Pawn Shop

Member of the California Pawnbrokers Association

With 32 years in the industry, Premier Coin and Jewelry Pawn has always excelled in taking care of our customers. We buy, sell, and offer pawns on jewelry, coins, electronics, designer goods, tools, and musical instruments. Loans $5 to $100,000, we accept many types of items- Rolex watches, diamonds, scrap gold, laptops, guitars etc. Stop by anytime or call us for more information at (707) 639-9161.

Our services include:

We specialize in buying, selling and pawning:

  • Precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum
  • Coins
  • Jewelry & Watches
  • Diamonds
  • Electronics
  • Musical Instruments
  • Designer Goods

We recognize that material goods can hold priceless sentimental value, so whether you are considering pawning or selling your items, we will always treat you and your items with consideration. All of our pawned items await their owners in a secure storage area. Our team provides top-quality customer service!

Pawn Your Merchandise

If you need cash fast, come to us for a quick and easy pawn loan. Bank loans can take ages and require good credit. Our pawn loans will put the cash value of your item in your hands today! Since your item is your collateral, if you miss your payment deadline your credit will not be affected. See our FAQ for more information.

Buying & Selling at Our Fairfield Pawn Shop

Premier Coin and Jewelry Pawn makes it easy to sell your unwanted items. Avoid the tedious task of creating an online advertisement and waiting weeks for a stranger to negotiate the price down. Since we resell in store we can give you the highest amount for your items and avoid middlemen. We even give you cash for broken and damage jewelry by the weight of the gold, silver, or platinum metal. Call us at (707) 639-9161 to check if we are currently searching for your item!